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Based in Vancouver, BC, we are proud to provide CRM Consulting and Online Business Management across North America with clients throughout Canada and the United States!

Get to know a few of our past clients below:

Kitchener, ON, Canada


Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada

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Vancouver, BC, Canada

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British Columbia, Canada

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Coquitlam, BC, Canada

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Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Toronto, ON, Canada

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Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Jenn Pryor
Family Archive Photography

“I had tried setting up my own CRM before working with Maryanne, and it was a nightmare! I couldn’t visualize how all the parts worked together and was frustrated with the learning curve. Now that Maryanne has helped me set up my Honebook CRM, it is speeding up my communication which is huge, as well as organizing my clients and improving my customer service. Maryanne’s ability to keep me motivated and on track is so great and she isn’t afraid to follow up. She listened to my problems and found solutions to make my life better. I would happily suggest her services to anyone – she has a huge skill that can really help people be professional and efficient!!”

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Lisa Pierson
The Conversion Copywriter, and FastCopy

“Can you set up a CRM on your own? Probably. But can you do it without tearing your hair out, crying or throwing your laptop across a room? Probably not. That's why I recommend hiring Maryanne. She set up Dubsado for me - and not only that, she did a deep dive into my business. She reviewed how I manage my clients and projects, how and when I send contracts, how I charge them - all to create a seamless experience for them, and for me too. Maryanne is thoughtful, thorough and very good at what she does. If you get the chance to work with her, do it!"

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Lee-Anne Theron
Six Degrees Productions

“Before I worked with Maryanne I worked with another company and it was a really slow, costly process. After working with Maryanne, I am saving a lot of time when it comes to sales. I am finally using Salesforce for what it is meant for! I am staying on top of following up with leads since everything is coming out of Salesforce instead of spreadsheets. I can now actually see where I am when it comes to reaching my targets through the reports dashboard - super helpful! Maryanne was responsive and able to take any request, do research, and come back with a solution. She really knows her stuff, she is super organized and on top of everything, highly professional, and got the job done in a timely manner. I love how she problem solved and always found a way to automate processes to cut out doing things manually. My business is way more organized and streamlined! I am feeling way less frustrated with Salesforce and love how much time I am saving.”

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